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Thank you for your interest in who we are ! 

Let us explain our history and our goals to you. 

We hope that you will understand our philosophy and our work process, and find that we can be your next business partners.

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Movendis Group is backed by over 20 years of product management and development in the Rubber and Polyurethane technical supply fields. During this time, we have been able to fortify our research and development and product portfolio with innovative solutions, allowing us to stay on the top of the technological advancements linked to rubber. 

Throughout the years we have been able to forge strong relationships with raw materials suppliers, as well as build a strong distribution network with selected and trusted specialized distributors all over the world. We also took the time to engineer advanced molding production processes. 

Using our expertise of the market and by keeping our technical knowledge at the top, we can ensure that all our teams have the best answers to find the right solutions, improve our products, and work together with our partners to find the product that is right for their need. 

We are trusted partners to renowned brand names in the industrial, agricultural, automotive or motorcycle and recreational powersports power transmission sectors. Therefore, we strive to always bring new innovations, better manufacturing processes as well as new and better standards to our facilities and products. 

Since our beginnings we have done extensive work to build up all parts of our company such as having a dedicated logistics team for our partners, a technical and application help team for any inquiries or research needs, a commercial team to follow and keep up with the needs of our distributors, all to satisfy the needs of all whom we work with. 

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