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Industrial Hoses

Our Industrial Hoses range includes solutions for a wide range of delivery, and suction applications. 

We design and manufacture hoses for strong or docile chemicals (such as strong acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, oxides, chlorides...) 

Wind energy delivery

Oils and petroleums 

Cold and hot 'normal' liquids, as well as hoses capable of carrying gases like steam, welding gases.

And lastly, we can also offer sand blasting delivery and suction hoses, and also concrete delivery and suction hoses. 

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Low Pressure Hoses

Our Low Pressure Hoses enable use in low pressure applications. These special hoses are built to keep their form and properties while delivering or sucking through low pressure fluids. 

Special Hoses

Our Special Hoses range is designed to give solutions for applications that need special approval. 

For instance, we manufacture hoses that meet and are approved by FDA regulations for food (milk, beer, vegetable oil, wine, fruit wine, juice, and so on) and potable water transport.

We also have as part of our range a fire rated fire protection hoses. 

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