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We have developed our MOVENDIS Idlers and Tensioners to reduce vibration, wear and friction unto the engine drive belt systems for both Accessory and Distribution, to deliver the service life expected of OE premium components. Our manufacturing process is robustly built to narrow tolerances and demanding specifications to ensure perfect function for your application.

Movendis Idlers & Guide Pulleys

Idlers provide drive alignment and proper tension into belts. Idlers are a direct extension of the drive belts and tensioners.

We manufacture them in stamped and formed steel, plastic (PA) and powdered metal, with various bearing configurations to suit belt loading. The idler pulleys are available to be sub-assembled to engineered brackets. The dimensions of the idlers and specifications are defined by the OE car manufacturer. Idlers have to be changed together with the Accessory PK Serpentine Belt or Distribution Timing Belt maintenance routine change as specified by the maintenance routine as defined by the OE car manufacturer, ranging from 60 000 kms to 120 000 kms or 5 years. 

Idler Schematic.jpg

Movendis Idlers & Guide Pulleys

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