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What is a Rubber Manufacturing Company All About ?

Our Philosophy: Why does Movendis Group exist ?

Rubber Manufacturing Redifined.

Movendis Group was created with one objective in mind: to redifine the way the industrial and automotive rubber market does business.

We believe in a new way of manufacturing and of doing product management that we believe will allow our business parterns and us to build a more comprehensive, technically advanced and savy product lineup.

Our core values, along with our "new age product management" is allowing us to build a strong and commited distributor network all around the world.

What is an engineered rubber manufacturer's aim ?

As an engineered rubber manufacturer, the competition is wide, and often tough. But the aim of any manufacturer, just as it is for any business, is to find differentiating factors in order to stand out from the crowd. The main difference to other businesses is that we are able to specify almost everything about our product, supply chain, and prices.

Of course we need to stay honest and realistic, we are, just like everyone else, bound by some factors. It wouldn't be fair to out competition otherwise.

But through our experienced and knowledgeable teams, we are able to make sure that every part of the way our business is run follows our values: great quality products, easy supply chain, attractive prices.

Learn more about us

Using this blog, we hope to communicate to you all about what we do, how we do it, and also give our partners and readers technical information on our products and manufacturing processes.

Please come back to learn more about the different types of rubber we use, how we transform them into our products, our breaking news as well as any other relevant information

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or did not find the information you were looking for on our blog or website, please feel free to contact us through our on website formula or through our global inbos:

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