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Automotive Metal Parts

The power transmission belts in your engine run on metal parts such as idlers, tensioners and power parts like the water pump that ensures your engine runs cool. 

In order to make sure that you get all you need to replace and service you power transmission parts, Movendis supplies all the metal parts needed to complete a PT overhaul.


Idlers are parts that allow to redirect and keep your belt running in the right direction. 

They are an essential part of the FEAD and to guarantee smooth running of the engine a good quality idler is essential as lower quality parts will tend to seize and will cause engine power losses.


In an engine, every belt has a specified tension. This is a direct cause of the inherent way rubber belts work. 

Therefore having reliable tensioners will allow your belt to last longer, slip only when necessary and overall ensure that you get the most out of your rubber belt, as well as protect your engine from power spikes and your connected components from having energy dips. 

Water Pumps

Water Pumps are one of the most important parts in any engine as they are the component that regulates the flow of cooling fluids throughout the engine. 

As they are directly connected to the Timing Belt system in most engines, whenever a Timing Belt starts to fatigue or shows signs of malfunctions, the water pump will suffer as well. Furthermore, whenever changing the Timing Belts from your engine, changing the Water Pump will guarantee smoother running of your vehicle. 

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