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Serpentine Belts

Accessory Drive Belts, or Serpentine Belts are used to transmit energy from the crankshat to the different accessories of the car. For instance, they are the tool needed to power the alternator, the AC compressor, hydraulic pumps and other systems such as power steering. 

Accessory Power Transmission

The Accessory Drive Belts are used to transmit power from the crank shaft pulleys to the various drives of the FEAD (Front Engine Accessory Drive) which includes accessory such as alternator, air conditioning compressor, hydraulic pump, or power steering. 


These belts are either a V-Belt or a Multi-ribbed Belt (also called Poly-V), both are friction belts, and transmit power between the ribs of the belt and the pulleys.

Serpentine Belts run on idlers and tensioners to maintain proper tension in the whole drive system. Our MOVENDIS Accessory Drive Belts are designed to increase flexibility, reduce weight, optimise costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Types of Serpentine Belts

Trapezoidal V-Belts

Multi Ribbed Poly-V Belts

The belts are used with a pulley featuring a wedge-shaped groove, usually designed to drive one or two accessory components and mostly found in older vehicles.


The MOVENDIS V-Belts are molded cogged raw edge belts.


We manufacture our belts using a proprietary EPDM compound mix that provides a long lifespan, reduces wear and vibrations; those belts are set free.

Movendis Poly-V Belts offer a greater friction area, and better contact than conventional V-Belts.

This of course results in superior traction force, the possibility of having a more compact system, high linear speed, limited slip even in wet conditions, and high flexibility allowing for both better flexion and counter flexion.


Thus its name of serpentine PK belts, in short it is the perfect accessory drive solution. 

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Elastic Belts

The MOVENDIS accessory drive PK  belts are also available with polyamide cord that allows the belt to self maintain the tension of the cord over time, thus allowing the removal of tensioning components on certain drive applications and also solving fixed center distances applications.


This allows our EPK belts to offer a compact, silent, low maintenance and more cost effective accessory drive cost.

Thanks to our extensive range of products and our OE tooling capabilities, our portfolio of PK belts also includes double section ribbed belts with the profile designation “DPK”.

Tested and Approved on OE Standards

The MOVENDIS automotive aftermarket serpentine PK belts are designed and tested by all OE quality premium manufacturers against: 


  • SAE J2432-2012: Performance testing of PK section v-ribbed belts 

  • SAE J1459-2001: V-ribbed belts and pulleys 

  • JASO E109-94: Automotive V-ribbed belts 

  • Q/FED 001-2001: Automotive V-ribbed belts

Because we believe our partners should be able to trust our products, we made sure that the OE manufacturers trust our products. Using our results we can guarantee OE or better than OE quality, performance, and reliability. 

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Important Information

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