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Special Hoses

Our Special Hoses range is designed to give solutions for applications that need special approval. 

For instance, we manufacture hoses that meet and are approved by FDA regulations for food (milk, beer, vegetable oil, wine, fruit wine, juice, and so on) and potable water transport.

We also have as part of our range a fire rated fire protection hoses. 

Fire Rated Fire Protection Hose

•  Application: Fire hose for fire fighting system on drilling platform can be exposed directly to fire for a minimum of 30 minutes ensuring enough rescue and escape time for platform staff in an emergency situation. Also can be used for conveyance of hydrocarbon, fuel  oil etc.


• Structure : black smooth nitrile rubber, oil resistance, seawater resistance, high temperature resistance, acid & alkali resistance


• Reinforcement: high strength steel tire cord, anti-static copper wire, helix steel wire for hose size up from 6” and above. Fire shilelayer: glass fiber cloth


• Cover: red chloroprene rubber, fire resistance, wear resistance, ozone & ageing resistance, oil resistance


• Temperature range: -30°C to + 100°C

Fire Protection.png

Food Hose

Food Hose.png

• Application:Transfer fluid food, such as milk, beer, vegetable oil, wine, fruit wine, juice, and so on.  Especially in the Liquid food tanker truck, food processing and Canned workshop,steam pipeline under 120 °C.


• Structure : white, smooth, food quality white NBR rubber or UPE, oil resistance;


• Reinforcement: high tension synthetic textile, lightweight spiral support;


• Cover: Wrapped finished blue NBR rubber, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, ageing resistance, wear resistance


• Temperature range: -30°C to + 100°C (temperature not more than 130°C , not more than 20min)


• Certification: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600; LFGB standard; GB 31604-2016

Potable Water Hose

Potable Water.png

• Application: It is used for delivery potable water


• Structure : white, non-toxic and odorless natural rubber


• Reinforcement: high tension textile, helix steel wire


• Cover: blue, nitrile rubber/PVC, wear resistance, ozone resistance, hydrocarbon Resistance


• Temperature range: -30°C to + 100°C


• Meet FDA standard request, can be certificated by FDA and third party testing

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