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Vehicles need aftermarket care, our Movendis PT belts are amongst the best automotive belts for both accessory (serpentine) and transmission (timing) belt on the market. 

Manufactured from high-end materials, sourced from the best raw materials suppliers in the world, we offer top quality aftermarket automotive belts. 

Serpentine Belts

Our serpentine belts are made to deliver power to all your vehicle's components without next to no power loss, smooth drive and efficient power transmission.

Timing Belts

The timing belt is an essential part of an engine, as it allows running of the engine by syncing the camshaft(s) to the engine output through the crankshaft. Without a good timing belt, your engine will run poorly and can break to the point of no return. 

That is why our Movendis Timing Belts are designed to be strong, durable, efficient and provide a worry free care to your engine. 

Using high end materials sourced from around the world, we manufacture our timing belts with very strict production margins, ensuring that the specifications displayed by the final product are up to par with the biggest names in the market. 

Kits & Super Kits

The best way to take care of your engine is to change everything needed in one go. That is why we offer Kits and Super Kits in order to supply, in a single package everything needed to take care of your engine drive belts: 

- Kits with belt & tensionners/idlers

-Super Kits with belt, tensionners/idlers & waterpump

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