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Timing Belts

Accessory Drive Belts, or Serpentine Belts are used to transmit energy from the crankshat to the different accessories of the car. For instance, they are the tool needed to power the alternator, the AC compressor, hydraulic pumps and other systems such as power steering. 

OE Quality Replacement Parts

Only a fully synchronised engine can run smoothly, economically, and reliably; for those reasons, automotive aftermarket key players rely on MOVENDIS Timing Belts for their OE quality replacement parts: We deliver a product that is equal and shows no differentiation when compared to the OE part. 

Our MOVENDIS Timing Belts transfer Torque and Speed from the pulleys of the Crankshaft to the Camshaft in a perfectly synchronised manner without sacrificing any performance or lifespan in the process.

Paired to quality pulleys and tensioners, our belts are able to transmit synchronised power using our OE quality and specification Timing Teeth. Indeed, we make sure that our belts supply a  continuous longitudinal tension to the drive.

MOVENDIS high performance automotive Timing Belts are designed and manufactured using the best grade of HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber) to provide the higher temperature resistance compared to other comparable products (from -30°C to +140°C). 

When designing the gripping moulded teeth of our belts, we made sure that they would be reinforced with aramid fibres.

We make sure to use premium high modulus glass fibre tensile strength cords

And through these choices of material, we guarantee a higher resistance to engine oils as well.


Our Timing Belts will hold up to the high horse power of interferences engines, delivering up to 300% better performance when compared with standard aftermarket Timing Belts.

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OE Premium Performance


MOVENDIS Timing Belts are produced using the same materials and the same production processes as the OE products to ensure premium performance and direct replacement.


That is how MOVENDIS Timing Belts meet all OE automotive manufacturer performance requirements.


Our Timing Belts deliver precise length stability to keep the engine running smoothly over its life.


Furthermore MOVENDIS Timing Belts are also available with reinforced nylon jackets and back side jackets for long wear, as well as PTFE jackets to reduce friction and tooth shearing even further.

Because of this, and more, we have been able to supply and manufacture belts for our trusted partners. 

Highly abrasion-resistant PTFE film

MOVENDIS Timing Belts are also available as so called "Teflon belts" or advanced materials and a special PTFE film; when set manufactured like this, our belts have been designed to drastically reduce wear on the lap and on the sides of the teeth, the contact between belt and pulley is rendered easier, less abrasive, while keeping a good mechanical bond in order to ensure full transmission of power.


This specification is required on high injection pressure engines to warranty maximum engine service life.


Mostly found on the latest diesel engine technologies such as Common Rail, the Distribution Timing Belt drive is exposed to high stress due to higher power, high injection pressure and superior temperatures.


Important Information

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