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Our Power Transmission teams design and manufacture high-quality rubber belts that we have segmented into five different families.
We aim to enable you to transmit power, to synchronize movements and, to transport goods
They are designed to upmost standards, and we make sure they meet REACH, ROHS and ISO standards.
Whether the application is industrial or agricultural, based on the aftermarket model or uses new OE machine drive.
Our Movendis Power Transmission Belts range fits all applications from standard to high performance using latest raw material and top in class production process.



Our technical elastomer range allows us to answer all of your needs in terms of rubber sheets & mats.


We offer products produced from all types of rubber, from the most economical to the most high performance synthetic materials available. 

Our range is seperated into four distinct categories: Stable Mats, Flooring, Industrial and High Performance


We produce hoses for all types of industrial application. 

From push and pull capable high strength hoses, to FDA approved food delivery hoses, we are able to manufacture a wide range of hoses. 

Our facilities allow us to build highly technical products, producing to your required length and colors. We also have the ability of integrating a range of different fittings, even quick releases unto our hoses.  

Fire Hoses
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