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We manufacture and supply a variety of different rubber sheets, NR rubber sheets, NBR rubber sheets, SBR rubber sheets, CR rubber sheets and EPDM rubber sheets that have a wide range of applications from sealing rings and gaskets to products for the food industy, mining operations, anti-static insulation etc.

We are able to supply our rubber sheets in various forms: cut to length, whole sheets, strips, skirting…

Our production plant allows us to produce thicknesses anywhere from 0,8mm to 100mm 

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We also offer a variety of mats designed to answer needs for: cattle, horses, hogs… For any farm, barn or ulitary vehicule.

Our mats provide superior comfort, non-abosorbency and insulation from the cold and damp. They also prevent bacteria growth.

Our range is made up of different finishes and locking systems: Grooved Bottom, Diamond, Hexagon, Hammer etc.

Our anti-slip rubber flooring can be tailore manufactured to fit your specific needs. We are able to create one or double sided patterned surfaces, have fabric insertions, and make them from either new synthetic rubber, or recycled rubber for better environmental impact. 

We our proud of our great wearing resistance, ageing resistance, waterproofing properties, in order to prive a solution for anti-fatigue uses, heavy duty uses, and promote the high shock abrosption and great resilience of our rubber flooring products

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We offer high performance rubber sheets with improved properties in order to answer every possible need.

We are able to cutom build any kind of speciality rubber sheet product: extreme tear resistance, elongation, tensile strength, etc…

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