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Ribbed V-Belts

Ribbed Belts

The new Movendis Power Transmission POWERPLUS ribbed belts is based on EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer).

Ribs profile is perfect and matches the pulley rib to provide highest power drive. And contact with pulley grooves is optimum, belt ribs completely fill the grooves and provide power through the entire drive surface.

This highest quality rubber compounds is bonded to a high modulus low stretch polyester cord for standard cord or polyamid (nylon) cord for elastic belt to guarantee high power transmission capability and superior extended operational life compared with conventional ribbed belts.

Our range is organised as below :
-Standard: BR or EPDM, Profil H/PH - J/PJ - K/PK and L/PL, featuring low noise, high rate of power transmission, highly flexible.

-Elastic: BR or EPDM, Profil EH/EPH - EJ/EPJ and EK/EPK , featuring extreme low decay, low noise, maintenance free.

-Strong: EPDM, Profil J/PJ - K/PK and L/PL featuring heavy load resistance, low noise and long life.

For EPDM Ribbed Belts, the operating temperature from -40°C up to +130°C.
Resistance to dust, enables cooling, high drive efficiency
Meets RoHS and REACH requirements

Also available with Aramid cord for extra strong Ribbed Belts

Ribbed V Belt.png
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