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Accessory Kits

Our MOVENDIS Super Kits offer the same quality products at the normal Timing Belt Kit, but adds the OE quality Water Pump. Making them the ideal solution to replace all distribution components in a single operation that would deliver perfect application matching, safety of operation and costs savings.

Modern engines are becoming increasingly complex, and the Accessory drive has to support more and more power requirements and smart engine mapping. The Front Engine Accessory Drive is therefore becoming a complete system that requires inspection and replacement maintenance for both the Accessory PK belts and the Idlers/ Tensioners that ensure the proper tension of the Drive over time.


Changing only the Accessory PK belts and installing it onto old fatigued Idlers/ Tensioners may be the cause of abnormal tears and lost of function. The safe way to do is to replace all of the worn parts of the Accessory PK drive system.


Professional repair workshops change both the PK serpentine belts and the tensioners at same time. Our MOVENDIS Accessory PK Drive Kits offers in one source, one box, one shopping all components in OE quality and perfect matching for a specific vehicle engine application.

Accessory Kits

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