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Timing Kits

Not only the belts, whatever it is the Distribution Timing Belts or the Accessory Multi ribbed PK Belts, get affected by wear and tear fatigue, but also all the components of the Drive such as idlers and tensioners, all at the same time. Our MOVENDIS Kits and Super Kits with Water Pump are the ideal solutions to replace all components in a single operation that would deliver perfect application matching, safety of operations and costs savings

Maximum safety, minimum ordering effort! 
The MOVENDIS Timing Belt Kits allows to replace the Timing Belts along with the matched Idlers and Tensioners at once for professional replacement. And the MOVENDIS Timing Belt Kits not only include key drive components but also all little parts which required to be replaced equally such as nuts, screws, springs ,... Save time, avoid mistake... all handy right there in the MOVENDIS Distribution Timing Belt Kits.

One reference for one specific vehicle engine application, all components needed into one box – one stop shopping. Available today, the MOVENDIS Distribution Timing Belt Kits can cover the majority of the key passenger cars installed base.

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Timing Kits

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