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Super Kits

Our MOVENDIS Super Kits offer the same quality products at the normal Timing Belt Kit, but adds the OE quality Water Pump. Making them the ideal solution to replace all distribution components in a single operation that would deliver perfect application matching, safety of operation and costs savings.


No need to detail the importance of a good cooling flow circulation inside an internal combustion engine; in many vehicle engine applications the Water Pump is driven by the Distribution Timing Belt, therefore it is mandatory to check the Water Pump and replace it during the same maintenance cycle as the Distribution Timing Belt.


In the All in One box, as the Water Pump needs to be changed when the Distribution Timing Belt is also changed. Receive all parts needed to complete OE replacement work. The high reliable Water Pump inside our Super Kits includes long-lasting carbon-based gasket and high tenacity shaft bearing to ensure smooth and long-lasting function. The bearings are key elements to support high demanding rotor requirements. For this reason, we have selected strict OE equivalence to ensure highest safety and service life in our industry. The synchronization between the Timing Belt and the pulleys of the Water Pump matches perfectly to deliver power and synchronization.

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